Rules of Play

Rules of Play

Please read our rules of play and enjoy your visit!

1) Parents/guardians are fully responsible for the behaviour and wellbeing of the child in their care, and must manage the supervision of their children throughout the duration of their stay.

2) Children must remove shoes before playing on the equipment, however socks must be worn at all times. (Socks are available for purchase at the front desk should they be needed).

3) Adults entering the play area to accompany or assist children, must also remove their shoes before entering the frame and wear socks.

4) Items such as jewellery, watches, belts, ties/scarfs or any similar items should not be worn when playing on equipment, due to our health and safety policies and risk of equipment damage.

5) Food (including chewing gum) and drinks are not permitted on the play equipment.

6) It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to inform the Ark of any specific food requirements or allergies to allow us to accommodate for these needs.

7) It is against the rules to dismantle the play frame.

8) We recommend to parents that children wear long sleeved tops and trousers in preparation for entering the play frame.

9) The Ark is a Methodist church therefore alcohol is not permitted.

10) Maximum entry to the play frame is 40 children, to ensure the health and safety and the smooth running of the play session.

11) We reserve the right to refuse admission or close off sections of the play frame if health and safety regulations are breached.

Thank you for your Co-operation!